Connecticut Bar Mitzvah photography, Madison event photography

Jack celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at Camp Laurelwood in Madison, a beautiful wooded haven decorated in a festive and colorful Around the World theme by A. Party Style (even Jack’s tie matched!).  Jack led a beautiful ceremony so capably, it was hard to believe his age, and his caretaking of his younger brothers (and the obvious love the three of them share) added to such a strong sense of his maturity.  He was poised, kind, grateful, and ultimately he and his parents were wonderful hosts, throwing a party with so many celebratory elements, it was fun for all ages in attendance.  Great job Jack, enjoy your sneak peek!  Lots more photos to come!

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Connecticut family photography, family portraits in New Haven County

This wonderful family has strong connections to Choate, so for our session they showed me some of their favorite spots.  Even though it can be hard for adults to relax during photo sessions, I had no problems with this group, who were so natural and easy to photograph.  They were up for being a little bit silly and having fun.  We had beautiful light (despite earlier threats of rain) and a gorgeous setting. Enjoy your sneak peek, guys!

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Connecticut weddings, Connecticut wedding photographer, On the Rocks wedding photos

Beth and Ken are a fun-loving couple who balance each other perfectly.  Ken is always smiling and Beth completely lights up when she’s near him.  I loved photographing their gorgeous wedding at On The Rocks in East Haddam, a venue that has it all:  amazing food (the chef put together a Tex-Mex menu for them, and Ken made his own chili pepper Triple Sec for spicy margaritas!), a vista to die for, a welcome August breeze, and a pavilion perfect for dinner al fresco and dancing.  There were many special moments, including Beth presenting Ken with a surprise racing-themed wedding cake, a song on blues harmonica by a close friend, and so many genuine bear hugs from their guests :).  It was a wonderful night, perfect in every way, planned to the last detail by the couple and off without a hitch.  I was so happy to be there to document it!  Congratulations you two, enjoy your sneak peek!


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Connecticut family photography, pet photography in New Haven County

This lovely family of four humans plus many, many non-human creatures (dogs, a cat, chickens, a rabbit, a mini horse, goats…) was so much fun to photograph, as there were adorable faces everywhere I looked :).  The parents happen to be our vets (they are amazing: we highly recommend Animal Clinic of Milford!) and it’s therefore not surprising that they fill their home and yard with creatures.  I kept thinking that it would have been my dream to grow up surrounded by so many furry and feathered friends!  We had beautiful late afternoon light and great fun corralling various animals for portraits, both candid and posed.  Enjoy your sneak peek, guys!

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Connecticut dog photography, Connecticut pet photography, Portuguese Water Dogs

Our family has the GREAT pleasure of visiting Sun Joy Portuguese Water Dogs’ puppies whenever Bev has a new litter, a tradition that we all look forward to with great anticipation!  This time around, two girls were born:  an almost all black wavy (Penny), and a black and white curly (Visa).  Although they are only 4.5 weeks, they are growing incredibly well and are already SO social.  They actively seek out eye contact and I had trouble getting photos because as soon as I got low enough for a photo, they would bound right over for kisses and love!  We got to experience their very first time outside on the grass with them, and we were amazed at how easily they adjusted to a completely new environment.  Eventually they tired out and took a delicious nap on a blanket in the breeze.  If you know about this breed and think a Portuguese water dog might be right for you, I couldn’t recommend Bev’s dogs more (we have two :)).  They are full of love, easily trained, and perfect companions.  Both are sleeping on my feet as I write!

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