Amy Sudmyer, 2015

Oh my goodness! These are so spectacular!! You are amazing! Now that school has started, summer already seems gone and I am so thankful that we captured it :) What a magical time. The kids do seem to love being photographed! I am actually not so sure that they love the camera, but more that they love working with you! Thank you!!!

Sasha Cabin, 2015

Thank you so much Stephanie for capturing Venus's spirit and personality in these photos! The essence of our bond is apparent and being able to see the love between Venus and me rather than just feel it is something that will make me cherish these photos forever. Stephanie is not only an amazing photographer with a great eye for lighting etc. but she makes people feel comfortable with such ease and it was so fun being photographed by her!

Christine Missakian, 2015

The photos took my breath away. Just beautiful. You really captured Sona, and she had a blast and came home so excited. I am not going to be able to pick!!

Christina Chan, 2014

OMIGOODNESS! We all LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much! I've always wanted family pics in the fall outdoors and you totally made my wish come true. And really, we just had a great time in the woods with you. Felt like an old friend just hanging out with us! and the kids had a great time with you too! They still love talking about the Ewok Forest and want to know where Ms Stephanie went, haha.

Kiran Zaman, 2014

Thank you once again Stephanie Anestis for artfully capturing the souls of these three multidimensional beings in a 2D way. You are a magician, your eye for spirit and aura is uncanny. You effortlessly practice your art with such ease and articulation of the camera.... You do all this without being the least bit invasive, you help your subjects speak to the lens.... Thank you my friend ... You document their childhood like no other!

Eileen O'Donnell, 2014

Wow!! You left me speechless. You really have a way of bringing out emotion and capturing the joy or peace or hope in a single moment in time. Beautiful work, beautiful gift you have and share so perfectly!

Amy Sheehan, 2014

Stephanie has taken photographs of our young girls each year for three years. Each time she has captured their energy, spirit, and love for one another. And she does this with a style that is so calm, natural, and fun that the girls treat it like a play session instead of a photo session!

Ania Teel, 2014

Stephanie, thank you for capturing the true essence of a day in the life of our two year old, Sabine (and the range of emotions that go with it ;)). We are amazed at your ability to photograph these precious and fleeting moments! We are so grateful to you for preserving these memories for us!

Alexandra DuFresne, 2013

Stephanie's photographs are stunningly beautiful. ...Children adore her and she is unusually kind, professional, efficient, and accommodating. She gets the details of every photograph just right, and everyone we know who has seen her photographs at exhibitions, etc. is stunned by how gorgeous they are.

Rachel Ebling, 2013

Stephanie's portraits reflect each child's unique spirit and personality in way that seems effortless, natural, and spontaneous. There is absolutely nothing cookie-cutter about Stephanie's approach or the finished products that come out of each shoot. I've seen many of her photographs of children and families (including my own) and I am mesmerized by the range of moments and moods she is able to capture - mischievous, sassy, serene, sweet, silly, charming, etc. - as varied as the people themselves. Working with Stephanie is a joy--she listens, she follows your child's lead--recognizing that they will generate more fabulous ideas than any adult can conjure up, she does not superimpose her ideas for how a child should look or pose in a photo. Her photos speak for themselves--artistic and genuine.

Zoe Chance, 2013

Stephanie is an exceptionally talented artist, a consummate professional, and a charming sweetheart. I've seen a lot of her work (on her web site and in an exhibition), and I have no idea how she does this, but she captures beautiful souls on film, and she does it reliably, in every shoot. My four year old daughter is adorable but (like me and the rest of my family) not particularly photogenic. So in our hundreds or thousands of snapshots, she never looks the way I think she looks--beautiful, vulnerable, mischievous, and full of life. Stephanie is the only person who has ever captured her this way.

Mary Smith, 2013

Stephanie Anestis has been my son, Gerry's, photographer since September 2011. We have two photo sessions annually with her. Stephanie is an environmental photographer. The sessions are at terrific locations - the beach, scenic park-like grounds, and a local museum to name a few. She not only puts science into her photography - getting everything just right, but is a professional and a kind person. At their first meeting my child felt comfortable with her instantly and off they went enjoying each other's company! The pictures reflect both of their enjoyment of the session's activities and each other.

Jennifer Gereda, 2013

Stephanie has a special gift with taking pictures of not only people and their furry friends, but also that magical love and connection that goes between them. She had taken such stunning pictures of my sister and our beloved pug, whom past away in February, that as soon as I found out my grandmother was coming for a very rare visit from Guatemala; I planned a session with her. The day was just blissful and I cannot express enough how gorgeous the pictures turned out. Although my family could not communicate in English, Stephanie undoubtedly used her sixth sense in capturing everyone’s personality and even captured our love for our culture in the photos! I cannot thank you enough Stephanie for these pictures that my family will have for generations. We are forever thankful.

Wendy Meyers, 2012

Amazing talent to get super shots from even the most uncooperative and active children! Stephanie takes her time to ensure quality "posed shots"; but even more impressive is her ability to go with the flow to capture so many spontaneous moments with her outstanding photo journalistic eye! Her professionalism doesn't stop at the photo shoot, but continues into the preparation of the shots and developing them into beautiful memories. Truly a wonderful person and photographer.