My Story

I began my professional career as a scientist, and as far from photography as it may seem, science--especially biology--does inform my practice.  I have a PhD in biological anthropology from Yale, which I earned studying chimpanzees (and training them to pee in cups for me so I could analyze their hormone levels).  Aside from the degree and training as a scientist, I gained at least two skills that are essential to my new line of work: 1) an ability to quietly observe, and 2) a complete imperturbability when it comes to getting peed on.  And if you are going to photograph naked babies, this is not an unimportant skill!

My joy in taking photographs began when you actually had to load film into a camera, and it has grown exponentially since. This job allows me to let my creativity fly, it introduces me to new, wonderful people daily, and it keeps my inner child happy.  I love meeting children and their families, and capturing the moments that I miss now that my children are no longer toddlers; I love telling the story of two people in love, and recording forever this moment in time.  And I love photographing the things that make people happy: their furry family members, their passions, their art, their celebrations, their home-grown businesses, and the results of their hard work.  

Joy, authenticity, connection, relationships: these are the things that inspire me.  And if your little one pees on me, it clearly isn't going to be a problem.  

I often say that I want to freeze time. My camera lets me do exactly that.
Things I Love sunshine
puppy breath

i prefer unscripted over posed,
and giggles over everything.