Penny & Visa

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Our family has the GREAT pleasure of visiting Sun Joy Portuguese Water Dogs’ puppies whenever Bev has a new litter, a tradition that we all look forward to with great anticipation!  This time around, two girls were born:  an almost all black wavy (Penny), and a black and white curly (Visa).  Although they are only 4.5 weeks, they are growing incredibly well and are already SO social.  They actively seek out eye contact and I had trouble getting photos because as soon as I got low enough for a photo, they would bound right over for kisses and love!  We got to experience their very first time outside on the grass with them, and we were amazed at how easily they adjusted to a completely new environment.  Eventually they tired out and took a delicious nap on a blanket in the breeze.  If you know about this breed and think a Portuguese water dog might be right for you, I couldn’t recommend Bev’s dogs more (we have two :)).  They are full of love, easily trained, and perfect companions.  Both are sleeping on my feet as I write!

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