The Kohala Coast, Hawaii

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Last month we took an incredible trip (in honor of my 40th :-0!) to Hawaii.  Our boys are at the perfect ages for travel and exploration (7 & 11) and we are so lucky to be able to take them on these adventures.  Our first stop was the western coast of the Big Island, known as the Kohala Coast, which is very arid and even other-worldly in places because of recent lava flows that are devoid of all vegetation.  I always imagined lava flows to look smooth, and while some do, we learned that slower flows look much rockier (almost like a giant just tilled rich soil, which is still in clumps).  We spent a lot of time in the water (along with wild dolphins, an amazing experience!), took photo walks to admire native vegetation nothing like what we have here in CT, explored paths with ancient petroglyphs (a mystery: no one knows exactly who made them or why), and unexpectedly ended up on a beach that looked like giant crumbled oreos.  Next Hawaii blog, I’ll show you a completely different side of the island, barely an hour away, but a whole different world!


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