Sasha and Venus

Horse photography in Connecticut, Bethany horse and rider photos

I had the great pleasure of photographing Sasha with Venus again this fall (photos from her first session are here), and it was (again, unsurprisingly) a fantastic session.  We had beautiful light and Sasha is always so willing to try a new pose or angle–and that makes my job so fun.  It’s part of why I love photographing repeat clients–once we know each other a bit, it is easier to push a bit beyond the standard.  In the first few images, we played with really strong backlight–you can see the sunflare above their heads :).  I also love image #3, which came out of trying to get a photo of Sasha looking over Venus’ back–it didn’t quite work, but I love the result just the same–how the light is falling on Sasha’s face, and how Venus’ ears are oriented toward Sasha.  Thank you for a great session, Sasha!


Sasha&Venus-2PIN Sasha&Venus-3PIN Sasha&Venus-5PIN

Sasha&Venus-1PIN Sasha&Venus-6PIN Sasha&Venus-18PIN Sasha&Venus-11PIN Sasha&Venus-25PIN


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