Sara & Dan

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On Saturday I had the great pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Sara and Dan, who got engaged in Maine this summer and are planning a wedding there, too.  They are such a sweet couple, full of smiles for each other, and big, big laughs.  We had perfect conditions: beautiful light; peak foliage; dramatic clouds (in two rounds: first the photo with the blues half way through our session, and then the photo with the oranges/purples, which we grabbed right before we headed our separate ways); and last but not least, an amazing pup named Luna!  (As if the session could get any cuter ;)).  Luna is SO well behaved and smart, and an important part of their family, so we had to include her! (Plus, I can never resist the opportunity to meet a new dog :-0!).  Sara and Dan, enjoy your photos!!!  Lots more to come…


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