E’s baptism

New Haven photography, Hamden family portraits, children’s portraits in Connecticut

It was E’s turn to be baptized last weekend, following in the footsteps of her three siblings!  Her parents, who are great friends of ours, asked me to come to St. Thomas More Church before the ceremony to capture some simple portraits of each of the children, to document the stage each of them is in right now.  We often talk about how quickly they change and how we want to freeze time; we can’t do that, obviously, but we can at least capture some images that will hopefully bring us back to these days later.  Fr. Bob has baptized each of their children and they feel a strong connection with him, so we had to get one of him with the children, too!  The first couple you see with E. are her godparents, who came from the West coast for the ceremony; you’ll also see photos of E with her grandparents and great-grandmother, too.  We had beautiful light in the church and Catholic center associated with it, plus these children could not possibly be better behaved, so it was a perfect morning.  Thank you guys for trusting me to capture you again :).

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