Sanibel up close

Connecticut lifestyle photography, portraits in New Haven County

I love each of my lenses, as each one creates photos with a different feel (and this is why you’ll see me switching lenses now and then during a session).   I know I’m in a truly relaxed frame of mind when I take out my 105 mm macro lens, which has the ability to focus on things that are REALLY up close.  It allows you to get beautiful detail in very small things, and it feels like it allows you to see another world.  I took all of these photos in the equivalent of a small backyard, and thought it would be fun to present a non-beach, non-landscape view of Sanibel Island, Florida, where we escaped winter for a couple of weeks.

Sanibel_macro-2PIN Sanibel_macro-3PIN Sanibel_macro-5PIN Sanibel_macro-6PIN Sanibel_macro-7PIN Sanibel_macro-8PIN

Sanibel_macro-4PIN Sanibel_macro-1PIN


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