Sanibel Island session

Family photography, Connecticut children’s portraits, beach portraits, lifestyle photography

Well, I’m one lucky auntie to have these two cuties as my niece and nephew, wouldn’t you agree?  We are so lucky to have gotten to spend a week with them (my husband’s younger brother & his family) on Sanibel Island in Florida this month, a place with special significance as they have been spending time on the island since the 1980s.  Big brother Jonah just turned 5 and loves to play with our boys, and little sis Mary is so sweet and full of smiles, it’s impossible not to be in a great mood around this little lady :).  She is 10 months and already lifting herself up to a stand on her own–we thought she might have her first steps on the island, but not quite.  What a joy to get to be with family–we are so lucky!  Here are just a handful of a rather large number I took…a few of Mary, her first time on the beach (everything new and fascinating! She loved it), then some of the whole  family as the sun started to go down, leaving us with some spectacular skies that even Mary could tell were special.



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