Hiking through the Ewok Forest :)

Connecticut family photography, children’s portraits, holiday card photos

I love the imaginary world of children!  When we get older we often lose a sense of play, and it is a great gift of my job that I get to be taken along for a ride into the adventures of children.  These two adorable kiddos did a great job trekking through the Ewok forest :); wow, little sis sure can keep up with big brother, even balancing on a log with surprising agility!  And he climbed HIGH with his dad without a second thought (they also like to go “off roading” together, meaning hiking off the beaten path :)). Brother and sister are both absolutely adorable and I’m so happy that the skies decided to clear, rather than open up on us, on Saturday :).  Enjoy a little sneak peek guys–lots more photos to come!



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