Beautiful family in the fall

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Hurray, it is fall, a beautiful season for family portraits and to spend time outside!  I met this wonderful family yesterday for some time on the trails of East Rock Park, and it was a glorious, warm fall day.  Could these two kids possibly be any cuter?  I love these ages (2 and almost 4), when kids feel so free to just be themselves.  Little boy loves to be a superhero among other things, which really matches my experience as a mom of boys :), and he had such a sweetness to him that I just loved.  Little girl pretended to be shy for a bit but she made such great eye contact the whole time (a giveaway that she was sort of toying with me ;)).  She spent a lot of time in her mom’s arms–what a workout!  They were both *incredibly* cooperative for kids these ages, which made my job so easy!  Thanks for a great session guys, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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