Finding the light

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One of the things you often hear is that clouds are ideal for photos, since you don’t have to worry about the light being too bright.  It is true that full cloud cover makes picture-taking easy; on the other hand, it also makes it rather boring!  I find the very flat (e.g. no shadows) light of a fully overcast day to be a bit dull, so much so that I usually recommend to my families that we reschedule.  If the sun is still high in the sky, look for full shade for your photo-taking–you will still have directional light, but it will be beautiful!  If you can wait until an hour before sunset, even better.  As you can see, we took all of these photos in full sun, but it was an hour before sunset when we started, so the light was starting to soften.  You can see that in these first photos the sun’s rays are still glowing and very warm in hue; as you get to later photos, the light softens quite a bit more, until there are very few shadows left, but there is still a “glow” coming from the sky, which makes for a wonderful light.  It was great fun photographing this family in this changing light; the girls were SO cooperative and sweet, even though we did quite a few posed photos (sooo many great locations at Lighthouse Point Park!).  We also did a few silhouettes just as the sun was setting, which lets you really see the color variation in the sky (the silhouette photos are almost exactly how they looked right out of camera; I haven’t added color, etc.).  So beautiful!  Thanks for a great session, guys!  Lots more for you to see when your full set of proofs are ready :).

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