Our new niece :)

Connecticut newborn photography, lifestyle family photography, baby photographs in New Haven County

Look at this cutie!!!  She was born in early May and we visited her and her adorable, expressive, and SO SO SO proud big brother in Mississippi in mid-June.  Big brother has been wanting a baby for well over a year, and then patiently, patiently waiting for the day to finally come.  He is over the moon and will spontaneously go over to her and give her snuggles or lovingly touch the top of her head.  It’s completely heart-melting.  I’m excited to keep photographing the relationship between these two as it grows over the years :).  The photos at the end are with their dog Tony, who has a heart of gold and was simultaneously SO excited to get to be so close to the baby but also somewhat confused about just HOW close we were letting him be!

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