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We recently traveled to Montreal to (finally!) meet my cousin and her husband’s absolutely *charming* baby boy, now about 10 months old.  He is the most social and easygoing 10 month old I’ve ever met.  When the adults are standing around talking, he will lean towards the adult who he wants to hold him, and he’s very fair, giving everyone a chance to appreciate his ridiculous snuggles.  He has a smile on his face basically permanently.  And he has such a depth–and just a bit of mischief–in his eyes!  We had a wonderful trip exploring and seeing what life is like for our cousins, who are Greek and finding a new home in Canada.  Here are some photos of Myron in their home with his parents (bathtime with daddy!), with his uncle Nick, and around the city (including a fun encounter with a giant bubble-blowing street performer in the Old City!).

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